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Our services

Jaymak Australia is a hygiene and cleaning specialist. It undertakes a variety of cleaning and hygiene services relevant to a number of industries including Food Processing & Manufacturing, Hospitals & Health Care, Hospitality, Infection Control and Environmental Testing.

These cleaning services include:

  • Cold Storage and Cool Room Hygiene Cleaning
  • Specific Equipment Deep Cleaning
  • Total Detail Kitchen Cleaning
  • Air Handling Unit Cleaning (AHU)
  • Air-Conditioning System Cleaning
  • Ice Machine Cleaning
  • Dishwasher Cleaning
  • Fridges & Freezer Cleaning
  • Exhaust Canopy Cleaning
  • Under Bar Hygiene Cleaning
  • Keg Room Cleaning
  • Coolroom Hardware
  • Infection Control
  • Water Testing
  • Swab Testing

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Cool Rooms

A complete Jaymak cold storage and cool room service includes:

  • establishing the key food safety and operational risks within the organisation through an equipment health check assessment
  • encouraging input and commitment from the staff of the facilities during the process through consultation and feedback during each site visit
  • streamlining the food safety management process through the organisational level to the strategic level through reporting strategies and the use of key   performance indicators such as air flow rate monitoring of the fan units, testing, temperature tests and door seal checks
  • integrating the food safety management strategy and the structured servicing of the specific equipment into day-to-day operational tasks so that the process is as seamless as possible
  • identifying and controlling any weaknesses in the system before the organisation is made vulnerable through the ongoing assessment and auditing of the system. This will be built around our post service reporting, documentation, swab test analysis and constantly assessing the level of hygiene management of all penthouses and banana room areas
  • providing both individual site as well as ‘corporate’ access to all service records, testing reports and other documentation for auditing purposes 24/7 through Jaymak’s fully customised customer service portal.

When this service is conducted every six months you will also receive a Certificate of Assurance with ISO22000 compliance.

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Specific Equipment Deep Cleaning

A complete Jaymak equipment deep clean service includes:

The condition of the Air Handling Unit (AHU) needs to be monitored conscientiously for not only microbial control but also to minimise energy usage and to improve plant reliability.

Cooling coils incorporated in an AHU will accumulate organic dust with neglect or poor air-filtration. The water running over its surface may collect microbial matter before being blown directly into the air path if the air velocity over all or part of the coil is excessive.

Most AHU systems don’t operate efficiently because of dirt and dust. A build-up of 0.1cm of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a 21% decrease in efficiency and an increased running cost!

Jaymak servicing can improve efficiency and reduce running costs.

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Total Detail Kitchen Cleaning

Jaymak provides an extensive and detailed full kitchen clean that includes canopies, kitchen exhausts, floors, wall and ceilings, extraction fans and filters.

If not cleaned and maintained regularly, commercial kitchens can present a serious fire hazard and health risk due to an accumulation of grease and dirt.

Recommendations as to inspection and cleaning frequency will be determined by a number of factors such as the cooking volume, hours of operation, type of cooking being performed and any requirements by owners or other determining authorities.

A full kitchen and canopy clean by Jaymak will result in reduced fire and safety hazards, better efficiencies, and a sanitised work environment that meets Australian standards.

All work complies with ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 covering a risk management system based on the principals of HACCP for the provision of specialised  cleaning services to the hospitality and food sectors.

Contact Jaymak on 1300 529 625 today to learn more about our professional and accredited service.

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Split System Air Conditioner Cleaning

Jaymak offers a full cleaning and maintenance solution to air-conditioning systems. We remove bacteria contamination through the cleaning of air filter pads, louvres, filter door and cowlings leaving a healthier operating system.

A poorly maintained air-conditioning system will not only put added pressure on the unit but also increase energy consumption resulting in higher electricity bills. This can also create airborne bacteria, putting consumers’ health at risk.

Did you know your air conditioner can be a health risk?

Most air conditioning units are rarely cleaned and sanitised to control the mould and airborne bacteria that builds up inside them. Many forms of mould and bacteria love the atmosphere an air conditioner creates, including Listeria.

Did you know you can reduce your energy consumption?

A dirty unit not only spreads airborne bacteria, it costs considerable more to run. This is because the air circulating around the unit is causing greater ‘wear & tear’ on the unit and reducing the unit’s airflow and efficiency.

All work complies with ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 covering a risk management system based on the principals of HACCP for the provision of specialised cleaning services to the hospitality and food sectors.

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Ice Machine Cleaning

If ice machines are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly they can cause the spread of nasty germs like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Shigella and Norovirus. Disease-producing bacteria, including Listeria can be 1,000 times harder to eliminate if it is living in a protective biofilm.

Ice machine clean scope of work includes:

  • removing panels to access evaporator
  • cleaning, sanitising and de-scaling the evaporator with Jaymak’s descaler
  • flushing clean and sanitising the water tank
  • cleaning and disinfecting the ice bin including the inside wall
  • cleaning the seal on ice bin door
  • reassembling all removed panels
  • cleaning & polishing all external panels
  • pH testing the water tank and ice bin for clearance
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Dishwasher Cleaning

The majority of food safety inspection breaches for commercial dishwashing results from low readings for wash temperature or rinse temperature. The “hardness” of Australian water and excessive calcium/lime deposits places extra strain on the machine’s working and cleaning ability, while also reducing its energy efficiency.

Dishwasher clean scope of work includes:

  • checking the wash and rinse arms for lime deposit build up and general operation
  • checking the temperature of the wash and rinse arms
  • disassembling all removable components and cleaning them
  • cleaning, sanitising and descaling the dishwasher with Jaymak’s descaler
  • cleaning and sanitising the drain, filter and tray
  • flushing clean and rinsing all components
  • reassembling all removed parts
  • cleaning & polishing all external panels
  • pH testing water for clearance
  • checking the temperature of the wash and rinse arms for clearance
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Fridge & Freezers Cleaning

If your business stores any sort of food or beverage, you rely heavily on your refrigerator’s performance. The purpose of refrigerators and cold display cabinets are to maintain food and drink below 5°C and in certain cases to enable you to showcase your products to your customers. Correct temperature can extend the life of perishable products as well as keeping beverages at the optimum consumption temperature.

Refrigerator or freezer clean scope of work includes:

  • inspection
  • gauging airflow rates and temperature
  • cleaning all interior * fridge/freezer must be empty
  • cleaning all shelving
  • servicing the fan unit
  • testing drainage
  • checking and cleaning door seals
  • organic sanitising

Exhaust Canopy Cleaning

There are a number of Australian Standards and International Standards pertaining to fire safety, duct-work relating to kitchen exhaust systems and the maintenance of these systems. The entire exhaust system will be inspected for grease build-up. Recommendations as to inspection and cleaning frequency will be determined by a number of factors such as the cooking volume, hours of operation, type of cooking being performed and any requirements by Insurance, owners or other determining authorities.

Our approach is to use a range of research when conducting a risk-based inspection process at the site. This enables us to determine the best approach to the management and maintenance of the system so that the cleaning performed is to an acceptable level as prescribed by the relevant authorities.

Under Bar Hygiene Cleaning

As part of the Jaymak service, we can provide a full treatment of all bar areas that includes:

  • removal of dirt and debris that is acting as a food source for flies and other pests (cockroaches, rodents, etc.) The area is cleaned and washed down with JayKlean – a specifically designed surface cleaner that is a biodegradable product and meets TGA requirements as a hospital grade disinfectant.
  • cleaned areas treated with Jaymak’s food safe D-Mould® sanitiser, a solution of natural oils to combat condensation, bacteria and mould growth
  • damaged and/or leaks in beer systems or damage to the bar construction will be reported
  • follow-up treatments of the areas on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual cycle can be programmed into a venues cleaning schedule to ensure the area is properly managed and maintained.

Keg Room Cleaning

A Jaymak keg room service includes: 

  • treating all cleaned areas with Jaymak’s food safe D-Mould® sanitiser; a solution of natural oils to combat condensation, bacteria and mould growth
  • cleaning the glycol unit & associated pythons for mould & bacterial contamination and moisture control
  • cleaning and treating all backboards, lines and fittings
  • cleaning the mould around the coolroom door and door seal
  • cleaning mould and bacteria from coolroom surfaces, walls and ceiling
  • removing blockages within condensate drain pipes
  • removing and cleaning condensation drip tray
  • cleaning heat transfer coils
  • cleaning internal and external surfaces of the fan unit
  • removing the fan from housing, cleaning both sides of fan blades and the safety grill
  • cleaning the interior and exterior of FDC unit
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Coolroom Hardware

Jaymak can supply and install coolroom hardware at your premises.

We can provide:

  • bells
  • rollers
  • doors & hinges
  • stoppers
  • other coolroom hardware on request

Jaymak can also arrange the hiring of portable coolrooms and freezers.

Infection Control

If there is any suspicion that the gastro illness may be food borne (caused by eating contaminated food), Jaymak provides a systematic and detailed procedure to assist in the clean-up of the premises.

It may be necessary for the premises/kitchen areas to be closed (cease food production) while this is being undertaken – the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will advise on this. The Local Government EHO is responsible for supervising the disposal of contaminated food and the clean-up of the food premises/business/facility.

Jaymak allows the council EHO to collect all appropriate food samples and environmental swabs (if required) before commencing cleaning procedures.  These steps are followed to ensure the premise is cleaned effectively:

  • Ensure all contaminated food is disposed of adequately under supervision by the EHO.
  • Thoroughly clean all kitchen work surfaces, benches, doors, door and cupboard handles, storage areas, refrigerators, cool rooms, sinks, floors and any other areas possibly contaminated.
  • Use hot water and our specially developed colloidal detergent/disinfectant to wash down the surfaces, followed by a solution of 1,000 ppm of available chlorine as a sanitiser.
  • Wash and sanitise all kitchen food contact surfaces (utensils and equipment) in accordance with the relevant government standards.
  • Clean and sanitise all other areas of the facility where food is prepared served or consumed (e.g. dining areas)

Note: Cleaning as described above is conducted at least twice a day, on an ongoing basis until the outbreak is over. A final clean-up of all areas is completed at the end of the outbreak (when there have been no symptomatic cases for 48 hours).

Water Testing

Legionella Water Testing – Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)
Jaymak can provide water sampling from TMVs for certification of positive or negative results for Legionella.

All samples are collected, sent and received within 24 hours at a NATA accredited lab for testing. Any samples received outside 24 hours will be tested but certificates will be marked “NOT TESTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SAMPLE” as per NATA guidelines. A negative report states “Less than 10 colony forming units/ml”. A positive report may be from 10 up to 25,000 cfu/ml.

It may be reported as being Legionella pneumophila serogoup 1, or serogroup 2 to 15, or Legionella species (not pneumophila). Sometimes there is more than one serogroup present.

All reports with positive results of 10 or more require urgent decontamination.

Jaymak is also able to provide other potable water testing such as for Faecal (Thermotolerant ) & Total Coliforms, E.coli, Pseudomonas and Enterococci.