Indoor Air Quality

If there are any suspected issues with the air conditioning plant or the building we recommend a full inspection and testing be carried out.

Also if there are any major demolition or construction works being undertaken within the immediate area or up wind of the fresh air intakes further tests should be taken.

Jaymak is able to provide independent testing and reports for issues effecting the air conditioning systems of a building including:

  • carbon monoxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • bacteria
  • fungi & mould
  • actinomycetes
  • volatile organics

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Water Testing

Legionella Water Testing – Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) Jaymak can provide water sampling from TMVs for certification of positive or negative results for Legionella.

All samples are collected, sent and received within 24 hours at a NATA accredited lab for testing. Any samples received outside 24 hours will be tested but certificates will be marked “NOT TESTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SAMPLE” as per NATA guidelines. A negative report states “Less than 10 colony forming units/ml”. A positive report may be from 10 up to 25,000 cfu/ml.

It may be reported as being Legionella pneumophila serogoup 1, or serogroup 2 to 15, or Legionella species (not pneumophila). Sometimes there is more than one serogroup present.

All reports with positive results of 10 or more require urgent decontamination.

Jaymak is also able to provide other potable water testing such as for Faecal (Thermotolerant ) & Total Coliforms, E.coli, Pseudomonas and Enterococci.

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Food Safety Sampling

The swab samples can be taken from the surface of non-contact or contact areas of food storage and preparation areas. A Jaymak team member then sends the swab sample to an independent laboratory for testing.

We only use NATA accredited pathology practices around Australia to test all swab samples.

Swab test results may assist with your OH&S standards plus implementing or maintaining your HACCP/food safety plan. The most common swab samples for food areas that we are currently performing are for yeast, moulds and Listeria (Mono).

Listeria infection or listeriosis, is an illness usually caused by eating food contaminated with the bacteria known as Listeria monocytogenes.

All food service facilities have a legal responsibility to ensure the food they serve is safe for consumption. This responsibility is more onerous with the health care industry than for the general food industry in that many of the consumers in these institutions are immunologically compromised or otherwise particularly susceptible to some food borne pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes.  (Control of food borne listeriosis in Health Care Institutions, NSW Health Department, 6th May 2003).

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