Jayfresh… a new era in hygiene

Use Jayfresh in your business or your home for air purification and protect against the spread of bacteria, disease and infection and also minimise odours!

It’s as simple as changing a Jayfresh sachet every 30 days!

Jayfresh is a chlorine dioxide based slow release mould and bacteria abatement system providing outstanding advantages over other biocides, oxidants, and other traditional methods.

Jayfresh cleans, purifies, and freshens the air that you breathe. Jayfresh allows you to manage hygiene and odours without the need to change batteries or replace expensive UV lights and there is no power to connect. It is effectively used in medical and healthcare facilities, aged care facilities, food services, hospitality, educational institutions and even domestically in your own household!

How to install Jayfresh in a coolroom

How to install Jayfresh in a residential setting

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What’s so special about Jayfresh?

Jayfresh slow release sachet oxidises compounds to fight odours and contaminants at their source. Jayfresh is superior to conventional deodorisers that only cover up odours with fragrance.

Chlorine dioxide has a long and established history. It has been safely used for more than 70 years to disinfect much of the nation’s food and water supply and is also used at more than 900 water treatment facilities around the world everyday.

The patented self-activating chlorine dioxide powder technology is a potent biocide that attacks odour, moulds and bacteria at its source. The Jayfresh sachet is effective in confined spaces and starts to work with exposure to ambient water vapour and lasts for up to 30 days.

Recent trials in hotel restaurant coolrooms have proven extremely successful especially with berries and herbs having extended shelf life and maintaining their freshness for longer.

Jayfresh is now available in boxes of 6 – a convenient 6 month supply.

Jayfresh MUST be changed monthly

Our tests have shown that after 30 days, the sachet will no longer release Chlorine dioxide however the sachets will continue to absorb moisture. This will result in the continued break down of the packaging, leaching of the sodium chlorite sachets and it will produce a bleaching agent.

The incorrect use of Sodium chlorite can cause skin and eye irritation or burns. It is corrosive and harmful if swallowed.

DO NOT install Jayfresh directly above food. If product comes in direct contact with food, dispose of food immediately.

Please refer to the “DIRECTIONS FOR USE” on the back of the Jayfresh packaging and refer to the product SDS for further safety information.

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