Jaymak Environmental Testing

Jaymak environmental testing helps to ensure food safety in your venue. All food service venues have a legal responsibility to ensure the food they serve is safe for consumption. You can reduce the risk of food borne illnesses such as listeriosis and gastroenteritis, by practising good food hygiene and storage practices in combination with Jaymak’s preventative maintenance programs.

A quick 15-second ATP reading confirms your surface is ready for food distribution or storage. ATP testing provides the proof and validation for your Food Safety Plan. We also offer further microbiological testing at NATA accredited pathology laboratories for a more detailed report.

Jaymak also conducts water testing for your drinking and warm water systems (i.e. spa baths, pools etc.) to ensure your processes sufficiently control pathogens, such as Legionella, E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Water testing can also include HPC (heterotrophic plate count) to give an overall view of water quality.

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Jaymak Environmental Testing can include:

Swab Test Analysis – Yeast Mould and Total Plate Count

The swab samples are taken from the surface of the walls or ceiling in front of the fan unit condenser by a Jaymak team member and then sent to an independent, NATA accredited laboratory for testing.

Currently there is no Australia or International standard for acceptable microbial levels on coolroom surfaces. As an industry guideline, we recommend less than 100 CFU/sq. cm. A higher result indicates that effective cleaning and sanitising has not been performed.

Swab Test Analysis – Listeria

Listeria infection or listeriosis, is an illness usually caused by eating food contaminated with the bacteria known as Listeria monocytogenes.

Listeria infection can affect people differently, while healthy people may develop few or no symptoms, others such as pregnant women, the immuno-compromised, babies or the elderly, may experience symptoms serious enough to require hospitalisation and pose a threat to life.

Water Test Analysis – Legionella and Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC)

Legionella bacteria may be found in environments such as ice machines, spa baths/pools and warm water systems, as they provide the temperatures suitable for the growth of legionella in the incoming water lines. AS 3896:2008 states that you must ensure the water from the outlet has legionella measurement <10 CFU/mL.

HPC does not necessarily indicate microbiological safety but does give a measure of the overall general quality of the water and whether the filtration and disinfection systems are operating satisfactorily.

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