Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV)

What are they, what are they used for, and why is it important they are maintained to achieve a clean environment?

What is a TMV?

A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a mechanism that blends hot water with cold water at a pre-set temperature to ensure that when the water is released from this valve and into the system, that it is provided at a certain temperature. TMV’s can be regulated by using an automated thermostat and, for safety can shut off in the event of a hot or cold water supply failure.

Other temperature regulating valves are available, however, in most scenarios TMV’s are the preferred option as they are able to control and limit the maximum outlet temperature regardless of pressure of water flow.

What is it used for?

TMV technology has many applications. If it is used for a shower, hand tap or bath outlet, where the water is directly accessible to a user, then the temperature can be set so that it prevents scalding. A water temperature of 60 degrees can cause a third-degree burn on adults in five seconds, and with children of 0 to five years old, in three seconds.

If this technology is used to release water into a commercial or house appliance, like a dishwasher, steamer, water heater, or washing machine, it can be set to a temperature to ensure the best result is achieved for cleaning purposes.

TMV technology can also be used in commercial business settings like hotels, aged care facilities and hospitals and for central heating or air conditioning or cooling unit/tower applications where water is used as a medium.

Although not yet a mandated law in Australia, it is becoming increasingly common practice to regulate the temperature of stored water to above 60 degrees and 50C degrees for circulated water, and so the use of TMV ‘s is wide in both residential and commercial business settings.

TMV technology and its link to the prevention of harmful bacteria like Legionnaires disease

Dead spots in water systems, where water is able to sit and stagnate for any period of time, provide spaces in which harmful bacteria, like Legionnaire’s disease, is able to grow. Using TMV’s allows water to be stored at high temperatures, therefore removing potential breeding grounds for Legionella and other bacteria, and enabling these environments to stay clean and uncontaminated reducing risk of exposure.

Legionnaire’s disease is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria that is found in damp or wet environments and is a serious and potentially life-threatening disease when out-breaks occur. Legionnaire’s bacteria are spread through airborne water droplets as opposed to from person to person. It is most commonly contracted by breathing in mist or vapour from water that contains the bacteria. Mist or vapour contaminated with the bacteria can come from whirlpool spas, cooling towers or large air-conditioning units and water used for drinking and bathing, which is why the hygiene of these environments is of great importance. For more detailed information about Legionnaire’s disease and how to protect your business and customers against the risks, read the Jaymak blog here (insert link to Legionnaires blog here).

Importance of TMV maintenance and cleaning

It is important that TMV assets are regularly maintained to ensure they are working efficiently and effectively. Regular servicing, santising and professional cleaning will continue allow maintenance of pre-set temperature controls and ensure the safety of the environment. It will also allow best operating efficiencies and longevity – in simple terms the TMV will cost less to run and will last longer before it needs replacing.

Jaymak can help your business keep this and other equipment in perfect working order

Jaymak is a national franchisee network that provides professional cleaning and hygiene services including the cleaning, sanitising and maintenance of all equipment, including TMV’s.

We are the only Australian ISO accredited food servicers provider, and we are very proud of this status. It sets us apart from all other hygiene and cleaning specialists in the Australian marketplace. After gaining ISO 9001/22000 accreditation in 2006, we have expanded our food safety management systems and has provided us with the ability to provide a unified national and international standard in hygiene cleaning for all of our clients.

By regularly servicing your facilities and equipment with us you are acting to place preventative measures in place so that your business is operating at its best and is free from the risk of harmful bacteria, including Legionnaires.

Contact us today on 1300 529 625 to discuss how we can help protect your business.

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