The importance of using an accredited service provider

What do the ISO accreditations mean and why are they so important to Jaymak and our client family.

As you may well know, its vital for the future operation of your business, for the safety of your customers and workers, and for peace of mind in terms of risk exposure, to keep all areas of your food business, clean, hygienic and therefore safe.

This involves not only the use of good operational practices and routines on a day-to-day basis, but the employment of regular outsourced specialist hygiene cleaning.

Using an accredited provider to keep you business squeaky clean and therefore safe and risk free seems like a logical decision. However, it never hurts to illustrate clearly why this is the case for all involved.

Protect your reputation and your brand

Everyday food businesses and providers work hard to provide tasty, healthy and safe food to their customers. Doing this builds customer confidence, patronage, reputation and brand name.

However, this can all be undone with a single bad food experience. Food poisoning and unsafe food experiences can cause significant damage to customer confidence and negatively affect your business and sales.

Using an accredited hygiene and cleaning specialist is an investment in your brand and reputation and will ensure you have the confidence in knowing that you are preparing food in a safe and clean environment.

Your business insurance and reduce liability risk

Protecting your business is another significant reason why it is important to use an accredited hygiene-cleaning specialist.

The food services industry is rigidly regulated. The penalties are high if standards are not met and will destroy a business if it does not manage its risk and liability sensibly.

Using an accredited provider will ensure that your business is compliant with these standards and if something does go wrong, your risk and responsibility is covered.

You get what you pay for

As in most things, if you use accredited specialist hygiene and cleaning professionals, you receive a comprehensive clean and will be compliant with the relevant insurance and industry standards. If you do not use an accredited provider, you run the risk of receiving a sub-standard service and will not be protected from risk if something goes wrong. Therefore, although it may be more expensive to use professionals with the proper certifications, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or even your business, if you do not.

Achieve best organisational efficiencies

A clean business is an efficient business. It runs smoothly, with the best energy ratings and is more cost efficient. Clean air conditioning units, cool rooms, overhead fans, ovens, ice machines, refrigeration and even dishwashers will be quicker and be more efficient, do their job better, last longer and cost you less if they are regularly and properly cleaned.

The savings are long term but they are real. Lower energy bills, better machinery output, and less wear and tear on equipment will mean less servicing and replacement costs. If you are in it for the long term regular and professional cleaning services are certainly worth the investment.

Consumer protection and safety

Being in the food services industry is not for the meek and mild. It’s fast paced, unpredictable, ever changing and often highly stressful. A happy customer is a powerful asset. They will be loyal, refer their friends and spend time and money in your business. However, an unhappy customer is a disaster. If they have a bad experience they won’t come back and in addition they will tell the world about it in the matter of seconds (through their social media and other online platforms).

Customers know their rights, understand what they like and can be critical of anything less than the best.

It’s important for your peace of mind to know that you are doing the best you can by them, and providing a clean and safe environment in which to prepare their food and products. Using a certified hygiene and cleaning specialist will ensure you do just that and will keep your business safe, the risk and stress low, and the good word of mouth coming.

Whole food chain process – best operational standards

It is important to not only be thorough in your food and hygiene cleaning practices, but also to be consistent and take a total approach. Using an accredited provider, with a recognised certification, will mean that they will have the correct cleaning processes to ensure that you do too. If you choose the right cleaning specialist it will also ensure that your whole environment and your food chain process is taken into consideration.

There are a number of certifications that are recognised in the Australian food services marketplace. ISO International Standard, ISO 22000 has gained widespread international recognition as it takes a whole chain approach to food safety. Jaymak Australia is accredited with ISO 22000:2018. This sets out the requirements for a food safety management system and maps out what an organisation needs to do to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe. It can be used by any organisation regardless of its size or position in the food chain.

A clean conclusion – reducing risk

Essentially this is what it is all about – reducing risk. For everyone. For the customers to eat quality and safe food. For the food services businesses in knowing that they can confidently cater to their customers using a clean environment, and for Jaymak Australia in the knowledge that we are comprehensively providing a hygienic solution creating a clean result for our clients.


Reducing risk – this is the key reason why it is so important to use an accredited provider and why Jaymak strives every day and with every service to achieve and even exceed these standards.


Why use Jaymak

Jaymak Australia Head Office, and our national franchisee network, consistently work hard in all of our cleaning practices, to achieve our ISO accreditation status. We are the only Australian ISO accredited specialised cleaning service to the food industry, and we are very proud of this status. We feel it sets us apart from all other hygiene and cleaning specialists in the Australian marketplace.

After gaining ISO 9001/22000 accreditation in 2006, we have expanded our food safety management systems to include more than just coolroom hygiene. This has provided us with the ability to provide a unified national and international standard in hygiene cleaning for all of our clients.




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