Jaymak’s Response to COVID-19

In February this year we published an update in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak that began in China in December 2019. As we’re all acutely aware, that outbreak has now progressed to a pandemic with wide reaching and constantly evolving global implications.

We all now know the importance of personal hygiene in slowing the spread and are all too familiar with the newly coined phrases ‘social distancing’ and ‘self isolation’.

Our update included tips from the World Health Organisation on how to protect yourself.

But what about your business? You staff? Your customers?

What are we doing?

Whilst personal hygiene is important, environmental hygiene is also a very important consideration.

As certified cleaning professionals, our customers and communities are looking to Jaymak for leadership and guidance in navigating this environment and implementing the most effective hygiene plan to protect their business, employees and customers.

We are committed to practicing the highest levels of health, safety and compliance and are ensuring that our technicians are trained and equipped with the latest protocols for working safely at your business.

We want you to be assured that our people will not pose any added risk to you, your business or your customers – in fact we’ll be there to help you minimise the risk and provide the safest and healthiest possible environment to continue operating in.

We are adapting our products and services to ensure we can offer the best possible solutions to your business at this time.

• We have improved and expanded our specialist electrostatic fogging decontamination services
• We have secured commercial supplies of hand sanitiser for distribution to our customers however the Government has imposed restrictions on the amount of alcohol that our manufacturer can access so supply maybe impacted.
• We continue to offer Jayfresh our chlorine dioxide based slow release mould and bacteria abatement system. We are also providing Jayfresh Rapid for chlorine dioxide decontamination of smaller spaces. Jayfresh effectively cleans, purifies and freshens the air – ridding it of bacteria, minimising the spread of disease and aiding infection control. Chlorine dioxide is a recognised agent that kills coronavirus.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to provide up to date and revised information as the situation evolves.
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What should my business be doing?

It is widely reported that businesses are (and should be) increasing their cleaning and sanitisation programs in an effort to maintain consumer confidence and keep their businesses open and most importantly stop the spread.

Pretty much regardless of which industry your business operates in, in the current pandemic environment cleaning and sanitisation efforts should be increased. Equipment and environmental cleaning programs should be conducted more extensively and more regularly for all organisations.

Increased efforts in specialised cleaning are especially important across Hospitality, Food Processing & Manufacturing, Hospital, Health & Aged Care, Education and Hospitality industries.

Jaymak offers a number of specialised and certified professional cleaning services in these areas. These include:

• Equipment Deep Cleans
• Total Kitchen Cleans
• Cold Storage and Keg Room Cleans
• Specialised Infection Control Services
• Decontamination Services using Electrostatic Fogging

We are constantly modifying and adapting our services and product offerings to ensure we can provide you with the best possibly cleaning and hygiene services to protect your business, staff and customers.

We know that it is a challenging and overwhelming time for many businesses. As certified cleaning professionals, we’re here to help you develop and implement a response suited to your business’ needs. Just give us a call on 1300 529 625 or email sales@jaymakcom.au.

Slowing the Spread

Maintaining regular, professional and compliant cleaning and hygiene practices in your workplace – especially medical facilities, aged care, education, food services and hospitality – can be instrumental in minimising the spread of disease and infection.

In instances where an outbreak is suspected or confirmed, on request from the site, Jaymak mobilises our ‘specialist’ cleaning team and commences the service as quickly as possible.

All of Jaymak’s outbreak clean-up procedures adhere to the standards outlined in the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Will there be any change to my Jaymak services?

Whilst we have modified some of our practices to ensure we are meeting best practices standards of cleanliness and hygiene and complying with social distancing recommendations, at this stage access to Jaymak services and products continues as usual.

In fact – to help minimise the spread of any virus, bacteria, infection or disease it is widely recommended that businesses increase their cleaning and hygiene protocols and practices during this time.

The health and safety of our technicians and your people is of paramount importance to us and we will not offer or provide services unless we are confident it is safe to do so.

We will only carry out services in areas that have been quarantined due to the presence of COVID-19 infections where our technicians are specifically trained and equipped to do so.

Of course, if our technicians are feeling unwell or exhibit any of the characteristics requiring them to self-isolate or quarantine they will be required to do so and will not be conducting services.

How we’re looking after our technicians….

We continue to monitor the developments and best practice recommendations daily and are regularly communicating with our technicians as new information comes to hand.

We are continuing to carry out routine work activities, following our already high standard of safe working practices, including:

• practicing regular, good hand hygiene using soap and water
• using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser solution where necessary
• using personal protective equipment such as medical-grade face masks, gloves, protective glasses and protective clothing as recommended

We are encouraging our technicians to:
• familiarise themselves with and adhere to new health and safety measures in place at their job site
• take their temperature prior to customer on-site visits
• conduct any non-essential work (such as paperwork, reports or billing) off-site

In addition, our technicians are adhering to current recommendations in relation to social distancing, social isolation and quarantine as required.

Of course, if our technicians are feeling unwell or exhibit any of the characteristics requiring them to self-isolate or quarantine they will be required to do so and will not be conducting services.

We are continuously modifying and adapting our work practices to ensure that our technicians and people have access to best practice information and the equipment and tools they need to conduct their work safely.

We’re here to help

For more information about how we can help protect your customers, staff and your business please contact us today.

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