Purify your air & protect your home & family with Jayfresh

Purify your air & protect your home & family with Jayfresh

Never before have we been more aware of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness of surfaces and the air we’re breathing.

Jayfresh is well known to our commercial clients and is widely used amongst the hospitality, food services, medical and health care and aged care industries to maintain environmental hygiene and cleanliness.

But did you know it can also be used domestically – in smaller businesses like doctor’s rooms, allied health services, restaurants and cafes and even in homes!

Protecting your business, colleagues, home and family has never been more important – and you can do it safely, easily and effectively with the help of Jayfresh.

Jayfresh can help you purify your air and protect against the spread of air-borne contaminants and minimise odours!

How do I use Jayfresh?

It is easy!  There’s no power, no lighting, no batteries…. All you need is Jayfresh and thin air!

  1. Simply order online.
  2. Have Jayfresh delivered to your door.
  3. Open a box, remove the sachet from the foil package, replace the sachet into the box and place it in a high traffic area out of reach of children and pets.
  4. Remember to write the date on the outside of the box, so you know when to replace it.  Jayfresh should be effective for up to 30 days in a standard sized room.

Read more and view to our instructional video to see how safe, simple and effective it is for domestic use.

So what is Jayfresh?

Jayfresh is a chlorine dioxide based slow release mould and bacteria abatement system providing outstanding advantages over other biocides, oxidants, sulphide scavengers and other traditional methods.

It effectively cleans, purifies and freshens the air – helping to remove airborne bacteria and minimising the spread of disease and infection.

Is Jayfresh safe?

Jayfresh uses a combination of sodium chlorite and citric acid to generate chlorine dioxide when exposed to ambient water vapour (moisture in the air). Whilst Jayfresh is safe when used as directed, sodium chlorite should not be ingested. A small amount may be safe but ingesting larger doses could be dangerous and lead to severe symptoms, burns, and health complications.

Therefore, directions for use must be followed at all times.

It MUST always be kept out of reach of children and away from pets.

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide has a long and established history. It has been safely used for more than 70 years to disinfect food and water supplies and is also widely used at water treatment facilities globally. Chlorine dioxide has the advantage that it produces less harmful by-products than chlorine.

Chlorine dioxide gas is used to sterilize medical and laboratory equipment, surfaces, rooms and tools.

Chlorine dioxide can be used as an oxidizer or disinfectant. It is a very strong oxidizer and it effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as mould, bacteria and viruses.

How is Jayfresh different to other products on the Market?

Conventional deodorisers absorb or cover up odours with fragrances but the Jayfresh slow release sachet oxidises compounds such as animal and human waste.

The patented self-activating chlorine dioxide powder technology is a potent biocide that attacks odour, moulds and bacteria at its source. The Jayfresh sachet is effective in confined spaces and starts to work with exposure to ambient water vapour. It lasts up to 30 days in a smaller confined area: shorter periods in more open areas.

Jayfresh allows you to manage hygiene safely and effectively. It can be used in medical and healthcare facilities including doctor’s waiting rooms, aged care facilities, food services, hospitality, educational institutions and even domestically in your own household!

Jayfresh is available in boxes of 6 – a convenient 6 month supply.  Purchase online here.




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