Enhancing Food Safety and Hygiene Standards with Jaymak at D’Orsogna

D’Orsogna, a renowned family-owned business with a legacy spanning over 70 years, specialises in crafting premium quality hams, bacon, continentals, and salami products. In 2019, they invested their Mickleham site with a loyal commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. D’Orsogna has a rich heritage, evolving from a small butcher shop in West Perth into a prominent market leader that remains family-owned and operated. Here at Jaymak we take pride in supporting companies like D’Orsogna,  Since January 2020, Jaymak, a leading provider of specialty cleaning services, has been entrusted with the crucial task of cleaning the air handling units (AHUs) at the D’Orsogna facility.

Collaboration and Solution

The collaboration between Jaymak Ballarat and Jaymak Melbourne Central, spearheaded by Ken and Peter respectively, illustrates the character of Jaymak franchises coming together to support each other and deliver exemplary service to clients like D’Orsogna. This partnership enabled Jaymak to secure the contract with D’Orsogna, ensuring regular cleaning of AHUs as per the client’s Food Safety Management Plan.

Execution and Results

Jaymak’s ISO accreditation assured D’Orsogna of top-notch service quality. The cleaning regimen, conducted every three months onsite and every six months offsite for dry cleaning of AHU socks, aligns with the highest industry standards. Despite operational challenges due to the 24/7 nature of D’Orsogna’s facility, Jaymak ensured timely and efficient service delivery.

before and after

Key Benefits

Peter Hale, Engineering Manager at D’Orsogna, commended Jaymak for our flexibility, quality of work, and rigorous testing regime post-cleaning. The immediate results provided confidence to D’Orsogna, which was further validated by internal swabbing and external lab analysis. The assurance of meeting food safety and hygiene requirements emerged as a pivotal benefit for D’Orsogna from this project.

Recommendation and Testimonial

Peter Hale expressed unequivocal endorsement for Jaymak, citing our professionalism, reliability, and clear communication. He emphasised Jaymak’s commitment to understanding and meeting client needs, making us a preferred choice for businesses seeking impeccable hygiene standards.



The collaboration between D’Orsogna and Jaymak stands as a testament to the power of partnership in achieving shared objectives. By entrusting Jaymak with their specialty cleaning needs, D’Orsogna not only ensured compliance with stringent food safety regulations but also fortified their reputation as a brand committed to excellence. Jaymak’s unwavering dedication to quality and reliability continues to serve as a benchmark in the industry, earning the trust and admiration of clients like D’Orsogna.


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