2011 SAI Global Systems Excellence Award Winner

Food Safety Management Systems – Services to the Food Industry

After gaining ISO 9001 / 22000 accreditation in 2006, we have expanded our food safety management system to include more than just coolroom hygiene.

At Jaymak, we can protect our customer’s brand and reputation as well as reduce liability exposure through good risk management and food safety practices.

Certification was originally undertaken so that Jaymak would stand out in the marketplace and ensure we could compete in an increasingly competitive market. Since gaining an accredited food safety management system, the organisation has been able to provide a unified national and international hygiene standard in coolrooms for all of our customers which ensures safety and reliability.

Winning the 2011 Systems Excellence Awards is a result of a team effort by Jaymak management and franchisees.

“We are very proud of our team’s performance in embracing the system. It is a credit to the management team and our franchisees in achieving this high level of hygiene and food safety management for our customers.”

Mark Mackenzie
Managing Director

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