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Under Bar HygieneThe first priority in any pest control program is the removal of the larval breeding sites.

As part of the Jaymak service, we can provide a full treatment of all bar areas that include:

• Removal of dirt and debris that is acting as a food source for flies and other pests (cockroaches, rodents, etc.) The area is cleaned and washed down with JayKlean – a specifically designed surface cleaner that is a biodegradable product and meets TGA requirements as a hospital grade disinfectant.
• All cleaned areas are then treated with Jaymak's food safe D-Mould® sanitiser; a solution of natural oils to combat condensation, bacteria and mould growth.
• Any damaged and leaks in your beer systems or damage to the bar construction will also be reported to management.
• Follow-up treatments of the areas on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual cycle can be programmed into a venues cleaning schedule to ensure the area is properly managed and maintained.