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powerzoneHotel cleaning staff often have a tough task in removing unwanted odours from guest rooms. BioZone Scientific's advanced technology applications offer environmentally friendly alternatives to effectively remove – not mask – unwanted and unpleasant odours caused by cigarette smoke, harmful bacteria, and prevents microorganisms that cause bad odours from regenerating.

 Our Odour Removal solutions offer many advantages for Hospitality applications:

  • Covering up odours only leaves them to return later. Save time and costs when you eliminate odours at their source with BioZone Scientific solutions.

  • Our technology destroys odour-causing bacteria to prevent them from ever returning.
Improve your company's image and increase customer satisfaction by providing friendlier smelling sanitary environments.

  • Remove odours from even the most demanding sites quickly to reduce turnover time in spaces such as hotel rooms, company vehicles and public spaces.

  • Provide a friendlier smelling environment and improve customer loyalty

Using deeper patented UV lights, the PowerZone creates Photoplasma, Negative Ions and minimal Ozone to offer the best overall purification solution possible.