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AS4709-2001 Guide to cleaning and sanitising plant and equipment in the food industry states that:

"The 'ideal' sanitiser would be active at low concentrates on all micro-organisms, have low
toxicity to man, be non-corrosive to food equipment, impart no flavours or taints to the product, be stable as a concentrate and be economical in use"Jaymak's D-MOULD is just that and more.

AQIS Approved under category 26 for use on refrigeration units and as a lubricant Type B for use on meat hooks and rollers in Export Registered Meat Establishments.

A listed approved product (Certification No: 9804PL) by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture (NASAA Certified Organic). Being an approved product ensures our Organic integrity and verifies our support for sustainable agricultural practices.

Mould & Bacteria Control

The most recent testing in 2012 with the Food & Water Testing Division of Sonic Healthcare Ltd. was to investigate the effectiveness of Jaymak's decontamination procedure for sanitizing and protecting coolroom surfaces against 5 major microorganisms and bacteria.

The results on the left show NO SURVIVAL of the 5 species tested after the Jaymak procedure for coolroom hygiene.